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Public Warning – Consumer Alert!

Agro Investy


Financial Authorities have issued a public warning or consumer alert against Agro Investy and/or Global Investor Alerts received information that Agro Investy is cold-calling potential investors offering unauthorized or illegal financial services.

We strongly advise you not to use the financial services of Agro Investy, nor the financial or supporting services of its affiliates (transfer agents, escrow agents, etc.), or to pay any money to the companies it designates for settlement.

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Agro Investy

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Agro Investy financial authorities warnings & registrations:
Public warning OJK Indonesia

Press Release: Investment Alert Task Force Suspends Six Activities That Collect Public Funds and Manage Investments, for Public Protection
MARCH 26, 2017

Jakarta, March 26, 2017 — After shutting down six entities in January and another seven last February, this March, the Task Force for Handling Alleged Unlawful Acts involving Public Funds Collection and Investment Management (the Investment Alert Task Force) once again suspended six public funds collection or business activities that had no permits from any authorities.

"The Financial Services Authority and the Investment Alert Task Force will not stop going after and closing down these illegal investment activities. In 2017, we have found and shut down 19 companies," Financial Services Authority (OJK) Policies and Investigation Support Director and Investment Alert Task Force Chairman Tongam L Tobing said.

The six entities/companies/parties conducted funds collection or business activities that were potentially harmful to the public and allegedly violated the prevailing regulations.

In the interests of public protection, the Investment Alert Task Force has stated that the six entities/companies/parties should stop their business activities immediately until they have received licenses from the competent authorities.

Below is the list of the six entities/companies/parties:;
PT Alkifal Property;
EA Veow;
FX Magnet Profit; and
Agro Cassava Nusantara All-Purpose Cooperative in Cicurug, Sukabumi/ Agro Investy.
The Investment Alert Task Force has been observing and monitoring their activities, based on information from social media and print as well as electronic media.

Based on the data, and discussions and reviews that the Task Force conducted, it concluded that the six entities/companies/parties did not provide any clear information in regard to their legal status, business activities, and business domiciles.

The Investment Alert Task Force urges the public not to do any investment activities with the six entities/companies/parties. The public can report to the Task Force if they find that these entities/companies/parties still run their operation before obtaining their licenses from the competent authorities.

Further, the Task Force recommends the public to take the following precautions before investing their money :

Make sure the companies that offer investment products have business licenses from the competent authorities and the licenses are relevant to their business activities.
Make sure the parties who offer investment products have permits to do so or they are registered as marketing partners.
Make sure the companies or the parties that offer the investments also have business domiciles that comply with their licenses.
For anyone who finds suspicious investment offers, he/she may consult with, or report them to OJK Consumer Care by calling 1 500 655 or sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected]