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Allied Asset Management Inc.


Financial Authorities have issued a public warning or consumer alert against Allied Asset Management Inc. and/or Global Investor Alerts received information that Allied Asset Management Inc. is cold-calling potential investors offering unauthorized or illegal financial services.

We strongly advise you not to use the financial services of Allied Asset Management Inc., nor the financial or supporting services of its affiliates (transfer agents, escrow agents, etc.), or to pay any money to the companies it designates for settlement.

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Allied Asset Management Inc.
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Allied Asset Management Inc. financial authorities warnings & registrations:
warning USA WA DFI

Securities Fraud Alerts

The following is a list of companies that have come to the Securities Division’s attention as companies that claim to be located in Washington State, or associated with a company that claims to be located in Washington State, some of whom are reportedly offering securities products or related services.

These companies may be involved in various securities-related frauds. None of the entities are licensed by the Securities Division as broker-dealers or investment advisors and there is no indication that they are authorized to do business in this state.

Please note that these companies have names that are similar and sometimes identical to those of reputable companies that are licensed to conduct securities activities in Washington State. Some of the entities’ names imply that they are government agencies. None of these entities are federal or state government agencies, nor are they regulators of the securities markets.

For a list of organizations soliciting investments fraudulently using Government organization endorsements, visit the SEC's unregistered soliciting entities list (link is external).

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive and should not be an indicator that you are dealing with a reputable company if the name of the company is not on the list.

Allied Asset Management Inc. remark(s):
Note: The entity named above should not be confused with Allied Asset Management, Inc, a Washington State based securities broker-dealer, established in 1985, which is a FINRA member firm (CRD # 16403). The true Allied Asset Management, Inc. was a victim of corporate identity theft in the fall of 2007. Identity thieves, in their communications with potential scam victims, used the address (as listed above) of true Allied Asset Management Inc. but used phone and fax numbers (also as listed above) not affiliated with the true Allied Asset Management, Inc. The identity thieves set up a fraudulent web-site, at the web-address shown above, which was later shut down by authorities.

Allied Asset Management Inc. office(s):
2033 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 1-206-299-3560
Fax: 1-206-299-3487

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Allied Asset Management Inc. web site(s):
Allied Asset Management Inc.

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