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Aberdeen Asset Management


Financial Authorities have issued a public warning or consumer alert against Aberdeen Asset Management and/or Global Investor Alerts received information that Aberdeen Asset Management is cold-calling potential investors offering unauthorized or illegal financial services.

We strongly advise you not to use the financial services of Aberdeen Asset Management, nor the financial or supporting services of its affiliates (transfer agents, escrow agents, etc.), or to pay any money to the companies it designates for settlement.

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Aberdeen Asset Management
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Aberdeen Asset Management financial authorities warnings & registrations:
warning ASIC Australia

Aberdeen Asset Management

ASIC advises this company could be involved in a scam. Do not deal with this business as it is unlicensed in Australia.

The business listed below has made unsolicited calls or sent emails about investing, financial advice, credit or loans and does not hold a current Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence or an Australian Credit licence from ASIC.

More information on dealing with investment scams and banking and credit card scams.

Aberdeen Asset Management

(also known as Apollo Impex General Trading LLC)
[email protected]
Ph: 44 0203 393 3178
Fax: 44 0203 393 3177

(Note: this company is not connected and should not be confused with the legitimate firm UK and Australian firm(s):

- Aberdeen Asset Management PLC; and Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited of 10 Queens Terrace, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire, AB10 1YG, Ph: 44 01224 931 999, Fax: 44 01224 647 010 (, and FSA registration no.: 121891; or
- Aberdeen Asset Management Limited, Level 6, 201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Ph: 61 2 9950 2853, Fax: 61 2 9950 2800 (, AFSL no.: 240263.
- See Warning to investors,

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